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The Pearl Reinvented

Fashion trends come and go - but due to the pearl's elegant and classic look, they will never go out of style. Right now Pearls are one of the hottest fashion accessories out there and they are taking center stage.

Chicago Pearl Company offers an array of exciting designs from the timeless single strand to an incredible collection of stylish and hip pieces that combine pearls with silver, crystals, ribbon, wire, leather, and suede.

Featured Items

Pearls are versatile and add the ultimate touch from black-tie to a day at the beach. And nothing compares to a pair of rugged jeans and a t-shirt with a strand of pearls gleaming from your neck. Pearls give you the ability to always look elegant and confident no matter what is on your wardrobe agenda for the day. With creations from classic to contemporary, Chicago Pearl Company has it all. We are proud of our fabulous inventory, custom designs, and exceptional prices. Come and see what all the fuss is about…..

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